Next Wednesday, join the Equality Arizona Foundation and the Office of the Secretary of State of Arizona for a town hall discussion on voting rights in…
SB 1138 and SB 1165 Signed into LawListen now (5 min) | Despite public outcry, soon-to-be-former Governor Doug Ducey signed two anti-trans bills today.
Take action to stop anti-LGBTQ bills moving through the Arizona Legislature
Join Equality Arizona and a few of our wonderful partner organizations from across the State for some great events this month!
This Thursday at 9 AM, two anti-trans bills will be heard in the state senate judiciary committee. Call and email your legislators today!
Action Alert: Support HB 2802 at Tomorrow's HearingWatch now (48 sec) | On March 17th, 2022, the Arizona House of Representatives Will Hold a Historic-First Ad Hoc Committee Hearing on Nondiscrimination…
LGBTQ+ Community Events in May (and in-Person!)Listen now (8 min) | Join Equality Arizona to support trans rights, register voters, and build your own knowledge of policy and politics in Arizona
Governor Ducey Must Veto SB1138 and SB1165Listen now (4 min) | Action Alert: two anti-trans bills passed the House of Representatives today and are headed to the Governor
The Equality and Fairness for All Arizonans Act will extend Arizona’s non-discrimination protections to LGBTQ Arizonans in employment, housing and…
Action Alert | transition care ban SB 1138 on the move in the legislature
The courts won’t protect us Listen now (3 min) | It’s time to pass federal non-discrimination protections and formally repeal DOMA
Upcoming Policy Events and Volunteer OpportunitiesListen now | Join Equality Arizona next week for a town hall, chapter meeting, and volunteer phone bank.