Loaded QuestionsListen now (6 min) | Another week of hostile committee meetings ahead
Ranked Choice VotingListen now (50 min) | A panel discussion with Kazz Fernandes and Ben Bossler from Voter Choice Arizona
Arizona Equals Dawn & HaydenTwo student activists talk about their approach to advocacy and their experience organizing demonstrations against anti-LGBTQ+ bills
Felony Drag Ban up for a VoteListen now (5 min) | SB 1028 scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, February 2 at 9:00am
Drag Culture, Then and NowListen now (63 min) | Listen to the first episode of Ask Smart People Smart Questions, a new podcast from Equality Arizona about big ideas and the big…
Queer Community in Action at the CapitolEscucha ahora (7 min) | Plus: don't miss out on this Wednesday's drag culture and history panel at the Tempe Public Library!
Arizona Equals BridgetListen now | An interview with HRC state director Bridget Sharpe
Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Up for a Vote Escucha ahora (6 min) | Our weekly update on LGBTQ+ policy and culture
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