Jun 1, 2022 • 4M

Equality Arizona Endorsements

We're proud to announce our first round of endorsements for the 2022 midterm elections

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LGBTQ+ Pride = LGBTQ+ Power

June 1 marks the start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a time both to celebrate and to reflect. 2022 has seen more legislative attacks on LGBTQ+ rights than any year before, and in many states across the country this is an ongoing battle. In Arizona we’ve had some real victories to celebrate, but some real losses too, and it couldn’t be clearer just how pivotal this year’s midterm elections will be. We need leaders at every level of government who can steer us out of this destructive environment of manufactured hate. The candidates below who represent our first round of endorsements for 2022 are exactly that — LGBTQ+ leaders and allies who understand the task before them and will do what it takes to set things right.

Our Official Endorsements

Equality Arizona endorses candidates in key races who will work to advance the rights of Arizona’s LGBTQ+ communities. Candidates are selected for their commitment to equality, their capacity for leadership, and their ability to govern equitably and effectively.

Statewide Endorsements

  • Superintendent of Public Instruction | Kathy Hoffman

Congressional Endorsements

  • U.S. Congressional District 6 | Daniel Hernandez

Legislative Endorsements

Legislative District 5

  • State Representative | Amish Shah

  • State Representative | Jennifer Longdon

Legislative District 6

  • State Representative | Deydrek Scott

Legislative District 8

  • State Representative | Athena Salman

Legislative District 9

  • State Representative | Lorena Austin

  • State Representative | Seth Blattman

Legislative District 11

  • Senate Senator | Junelle Cavero

  • State Representative | Oscar De Los Santos

Legislative District 12

  • State Representative | Patricia Contreras

Legislative District 24

  • State Representative | Analise Ortiz

Municipal Endorsements

  • Chandler City Council | Angel Encinas

  • Mesa City Council District 4 | Jenn Duff

  • Phoenix City Council District 6 | Mark Moeremans

Find Your District

Following the 2020 U.S. Census, Arizona redrew its political maps in a process called redistricting. This means that the district numbers you might be familiar with as a voter have changed and that the boundaries between districts have moved. To get a better sense of which regions each district corresponds to now, take a look at the official maps from the Independent Redistricting Commission. To find your new congressional district, you can type your address into their search tool. The IRC also publishes a search tool you can use to find your legislative district.

To discover even more candidates who support LGBTQ+ equality, check out the list of every candidate who has signed on to our open policy platform.