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Arizona Equals Celia

Arizona Equals Celia

Trans coffee socials, video game criticism, building community from the ground up, and more

One of the big goals of the Arizona Equals Conversation is to learn from our guests how queer communities are built and how they evolve over time, and today’s interview with Celia is a perfect study. Since moving to Arizona, she’s had to build community for herself from the ground up, twice. Now, as a member of AZ Trans Together, she’s at the heart of a vibrant social group based out of Tempe that meets every week at Brick Road Coffee. She’s also a longtime blogger and gaming critic who finds community at fighting game tournaments and online networks hosted on Discord.

As a reminder, we’re always looking for new guests for the show! If you’d like to share your story with the Arizona Equals Conversation, just let us know! You can sign up on our website or email us at hello@equalityarizona.org.

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The Arizona Equals Conversation
Arizona Equals is a conversational interview podcast chronicling the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ Arizonans. Listen to new episodes weekly on Wednesdays, featuring conversations with queer people living in Arizona.
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