The Arizona Equals Conversation

Arizona Equals is a conversational interview podcast chronicling the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ Arizonans. Listen to new episodes weekly on Wednesdays, featuring conversations with queer people living in Arizona.

Arizona Equals SonoraListen now (40 min) | National Book Award Finalist Sonora Reyes joins the Arizona Equals Conversation
Arizona Equals MJListen now (41 min) | A conversation about recovery from gender affirming surgery and the joy of queer community with movement specialist MJ Jupitus
Arizona Equals Dr. TekolaListen now (52 min) | A conversation about the politics of cultural change from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter with Dr. Sarra Tekola
Arizona Equals ChrisListen now (42 min) | We talk about social-emotional learning, kids' rights, and more with Chris Tompkins, author of Raising LGBTQ Allies, a Parent's…
Arizona Equals StephanListen now |
Arizona Equals SamualListen now | A trans teenager and student advocate living in the East Valley talks with Equality Arizona about his life and civic leadership
Arizona Equals Brother LeeListen now | We talk about Latin in this one! (Wait, come back, where are you going.)
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