Mar 8 • 50M

Arizona Equals Elijah

Making change without asking for permission

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Arizona Equals is a conversational interview podcast chronicling the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ Arizonans. Listen to new episodes weekly on Wednesdays, featuring conversations with queer people living in Arizona.

On this week’s episode of the Arizona Equals Conversation, we’re joined by Elijah Watson, a young gay man who's established himself as a kind of independent lobbyist at the state capitol. He doesn't have a traditional path into advocacy, and he doesn't take a traditional approach, but at the same time, he's able to forge productive relationships with legislators and make a real contribution to the policy making process.

We’re always looking for more guests to interview on the podcast. So if you're queer and you live in Arizona, I wanna talk to you about your communities — how they've changed over time, how you've changed them, and how they've changed you. You can sign up to be a guest on our website, or just send us an email.