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Governor Hobbs Vetoes Bathroom Ban

Governor Hobbs Vetoes Bathroom Ban

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Civic Advocacy

On Thursday, June 8, Governor Hobbs announced her veto of SB 1040, a bill that would have restricted bathroom access for transgender students. This action marks a full decade of failure for anti-trans bathroom bills in Arizona, a particular obsession of state Senator John Kavanagh. Governor Hobbs kept her veto letter brief, writing:

SB1040 is yet another discriminatory act against LGBTQ+ youth passed by the majority at the state legislature. As I stated in my veto letter for SB1001, I will veto every bill that aims to attack and harm children.

Today, June 12, the legislature will return from nearly a month’s recess to complete some unfinished business, and with a high probability that the legislature will adjourn sine die as soon as the end of the week, we should expect the few remaining anti-LGBTQ+ bills to be sent to the Governor soon, most notably four anti-drag bills — SB 1026, SB 1028, SB 1030, and SB 1698. 

Action Alert: Housing Supply

Two major bills on today’s calendar are SB 1161 and SB 1163, which bring much needed reform to Arizona’s historically racist zoning policies. By expanding options for affordable housing, these bills are an important first step towards fixing our housing supply crisis. It’s been a long fight to keep these bills alive and moving forward, and we can’t let up now. Today’s action will be to finalize any amendments or debate before advancing the bills to their final vote on the House floor. Call your representatives today to ask them to take our housing crisis seriously and to vote yes on both bills.

Political Power

Bodily Autonomy Night with NARAL AZ

6:00pm - 9:00pm June 14, 2023 | register

Join Equality Arizona and NARAL Arizona for a detailed training on lobbying and advocacy, followed by a film screening and pizza party. Learn how to fight for bodily autonomy and LGBT rights, and make some new friends in the movement!

Location: Kobalt Bar (note: this is a 21+ location)

Equality Arizona is working to make local government more accessible to the LGBTQ+ community. To support our efforts, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

Media & Events

Banned Book Club

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm June 19, 2023 | register

As book bans sweep the nation, one great way to push back is to read! Our banned book for the month of June is Bigger Monsters: An LGBTQ+ Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Tale, by Eliza Andrews. Join us at Brick Road coffee on June 19 to discuss the book with our book club host Vanessa Marie!

Location: Brick Road Coffee

Queer People Fit: Walking / Running

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm June 22, 2023 | register

Join Equality Arizona and FrontRunners & FrontWalkers Phoenix at Tempe Town Lake for Queer People Fit, our ongoing outdoor event series designed to give LGBTQ+ people a space to come together to build community and to find a sense of belonging.

Location: Tempe Town Lake

Queer People Fit: Breathing Exercises

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm July 1, 2023 | register

Looking for a safe space to share with queer friends? With the summer heat making it difficult to spend time in nature, we’re heading indoors to focus on some other aspects of fitness that are often overlooked. This month we’ll be learning and practicing some helpful breathing exercises with Noémie Luce.

Location: Escalante Community Center, Tempe

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